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what do you want from me?
you haven’t changed at all
disappear from my phone
i don’t know what’s going on

the water's getting colder
let me in your ocean, swim

по второму кругу


самолеты, я скучаю

if you are going to come to mind when i walk in the rain, don't wipe my tears
leave me… not.

i swear that you're different from this space and time

добью себя реальностью


in my blue dreams i'll take you
even if it is not in my eyes

in my blue dreams i'll take you
even if not in my arms

best absolute perfect
вдыхают в меня жизнь, заставляя идти вперед, не опуская руки
go! hands up

tell me mama
maybe i’m thinking of this wrong way
don’t shoot me MAMA
i can’t believe the things i’m going through